Do you suffer from any of the following:

  • back pain and sciatica;
  • neck and shoulder problems incl. frozen shoulder and whiplash;
  • digestive and bowel problems incl. IBS;
  • migraines and seizures;
  • ADHD;
  • fibromyalgia;
  • glandular fever, ross river fever, epstein-barr and cytomegalovirus, chronic fatigue syndrome;
  • knee, ankle and foot problems incl. restless legs;
  • menstrual and hormonal irregularities;
  • fertility problems, both male and female;
  • lymphatic blockages¬†and re-occurring ear and throat infections;
  • infant breastfeeding problems, colic and reflux;
  • learning difficulties and behavioural problems;
  • groin pain, pelvic tilt and uneven leg length;
  • respiratory problems, asthma, hey fever and sinus;
  • RSI, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis/golfers elbow and bursitis;
  • sports and accident injuries;
  • rehabilitation;
  • and much, much more …..

Bowen therapy could be the answer you are looking for to give you relief from pain, in often cases permanently!

Bowen therapy is a gentle, non-invasive treatment that could change your life!

If you have a condition you would like to discuss with us, please contact us.