Ken Milligan – Diploma of Bowtech Specialised Procedures

In July 2012, Ken was involved in a motorbike accident which left him with a shattered shoulder blade and collarbone.

After rounds of cortisone injections for bursitis in his shoulder and surgery being the only option doctors could offer to improve movement and control pain, his wife suggested he try bowen.

Being sceptical, due to the considerable damage, but desperate, he gave Bowen a try. After a few treatments, his range of movement had improved dramatically and he was no longer in pain. The doctors were amazed and recommended he not continue with cortisone injections anymore.

Ken now has complete use of his arm and shoulder with no side effects of the accident and has had no surgery.

Along with his wife Roz, who was already amazed at the benefits of Bowen, Ken began to learn Bowen to be able to provide other people with similar relief to what he had received. Ken completed his Certificate IV in 2014, Diploma of Specialised Procedures 1 in 2016, and has just completed his Specialised Procedures 2 in 2017.

Ken has a keen interest in sports related injuries such as neck and spine problems incurred by footballers, elbow and wrist problems common to golfers and tennis players, and knee and ankle injuries known to well by netballers! He has studied muscle firing patterns and strapping techniques to aid him in this field.


Roz Milligan – Diploma of Bowtech Specialised Procedures

Roz has been a bowen client and had a passion to study bowen therapy for many years.

Roz was seeking help for her daughter who was developing scoliosis of the spine. She had been receiving regular treatments to straighten her spine but despite this the curvature was increasing. She was recommended to try bowen therapy and reluctantly gave it a try. After 3 bowen treatments they noticed a remarkable difference and within months her daughters spine was straight! Roz then wanted to learn bowen therapy, however, with family and work commitments it became a ‘one day’ dream.

After her husband Ken received amazing results from bowen therapy himself and wanted to learn, they decided to learn together and open a practice.

Roz completed her Certificate IV in 2014, Diploma of Specialised Procedures 1 in 2016, and her Specialised Procedures 2 in 2017.

Roz is passionate about helping people with cancer, diabetes and immune compromising illnesses gain relief and comfort and in many cases dramatic symptomatic improvement.


Felice Blanchard – Cert IV in Bowtech Bowen Therapy

Felice is the newest member of the Bowen For Goodness Sake team. Felice has 3 children who have received bowen since birth. After seeing the benefits of bowen with sleep problems, bedwetting and anxiety, Felice decided to learn bowen herself. Initially, this started out as a hobby and just for the benefit of her own family. She soon decided that what she had learnt was too good to keep to herself.

Felice completed her Certificate IV in 2017 and is currently studying for her Diploma of Specialised Procedures 1.

Felice has a desire to help women with common pregnancy complaints gain relief, as well as treat babies, toddlers and young children.